In the former Soviet Union, the name of Wolf Messing was first introduced in 1965, still quite popular in those days, the journal "Science and Religion in the releases № № 7-11. It was a series of articles under the title "On himself" and was a whole series of memoirs. A little later some of them appeared in "Soviet Russia" and "change", only this time titled "I'm psychic." And then incessant flurry can be read here and there about the great magician, a miracle-man, and so on.
Only here the bad luck! If you compare everything that was printed here and there about Wolf Messing eventually disperse in the dates and locations of the events described. And if you compare with the first publications "About Me", it becomes clear what is actually the events and cases may grow into speculation and gossip. It turns out the original sources from which the actual and all subsequent written pieces of music, there is no specification of any time or place. That is, all events were described in essence nakedly, without any no documentary evidence.
However, the documentary is well known that from 1940 to 1974, Wolf Messing has successfully performed throughout the former Union with a public demonstration of its capabilities. Which by the way, were reduced to just one - mind-reading. Although this is already done. Joke? A man reads the thoughts of others! Wolf Messing gathered around a whole bunch of scientists, writers and other admirers including skeptics. Who tried to explain his "gift" who learn, but eventually the popularity of "telepathy" was growing by leaps and bounds.

But let's take a move away from Wolf Messing and get back in the history of the West, for 100 years edak ago.
The very first "reader thought was a Brown, an American by birth, who in 1874 summer in July, began to speak in public, demonstrating the same" exceptional "abilities and the exact same method! And like everyone would believe him, but in the same year, just two months neurologist Beard from the same America, was able to produce the same "thoughts of readers and not one, but a whole hundred! As a result, the charlatan was exposed. It would seem that everything was clear and it would be time and cover up the case. But the urge to see a fairy tale, it lives in every person and the common masses in general, regardless of their nationality and financial security. After such a large exposure, the reaction of people and those same charlatans was the exact opposite. Already 80hh's all sorts of "telepathy" and "mind readers" spread throughout Europe. In our Russia then came the Englishman Bishop and entertained the crowd of onlookers, of course for the money. I must say that as a result he made a very good condition, not to mention the popularity.

And so, you and I can see that he "gift" our hero, like the method of a public demonstration of his "supernatural abilities" is not something new, and even quite accessible for learning. But then the question arises:
So just who he really was and how such powers he had?

In fact, Wolf Messing was an actor, a circus juggler. The essence of his statements amounted to this, he tied his eyes and asked "inducer" - an outsider, from which the later and "read thoughts", to hide some object at someone in the audience. Then our "psychic", I wandered around the room while asking a variety of leading questions to the inducer, ostensibly so that he relaxed and made himself at home. Meanwhile, unnoticed by the crowd, he simply "reads" the involuntary movement of the inductor, which is himself and gave the place where the hidden object. In fact, this work is very subtle psychologist who can "read" involuntary, subconscious movements of people. But the effect of these tricks was indescribable, actually as income.
As far as his "predictions", it was the usual regular method of attracting attention. Advertising campaign, which in those days, we have not been studied. Wolf Messing did not tell anything special. No personal events no one predicted, and speaking of the universal, he is simply reciting predictions of politicians and economists.

That's how gentlemen! The so-favorite all psychics, soothsayers, and sorcerers words lies just one - tricks and money!