Vatican City - the city-state located within the boundaries of Rome - the capital of Italy. This city - the center of Catholicism, the residence of the Pope. Citizens of the Vatican today are about 600 people, almost all of them clerics or members of the Guard, which protects the Pope (the guards at the Vatican is home to about 100 people), and only about 50 - it's the laity.
Become a citizen of the Vatican's very easy, because you can not pass the citizenship of the heirs, and even the fact of birth is no right to claim citizenship. Deserve it can only be devoting his life to the Catholic Church and with undeniable merit. Every citizen of the Vatican, the loss of nationality for various reasons (such as ceasing to work in this country) can become a citizen of Italy, if not a citizen of any other country.
In addition to 600 people with a permanent citizenship of the Vatican, there are people who are called "daytime population". It's the Italians who come to work there, although living abroad. Thanks to the "incoming" citizens of every morning, the Vatican is more on 3000.