Beans and legumes - is a perfect food, which is known in every corner of the world and that is therapeutic. But the dream does not mean beans are good prospects, as if they were lying on the supermarket shelves or in your plate.

What does the dream of beans?

Beans in a dream portend sorrow. If you dreamed of growing beans - a dream means the children's illness, concern for children's health.

But dried beans and legumes promise a bitter disappointment in nearly all your affairs.

If you dreamed of beans and legumes: peas, beans, lentils in a dried form - a dream foretells a disease at all in the family circle, as well as among your close circle of people surrounding you every day. The disease may be infectious and, therefore, in the very near future take care of their prevention and limitation of contacts and unrest among the dear to your heart close.

If you eat beans in a dream and dishes of beans or legumes, you should expect all sorts of setbacks. After sleeping on a meal of beans and pods be wary of the disease your best friend.