Chicken liver and stomach can cook very tasty and healthy dish. Preparing this dish is very easy, especially chicken gizzards and livers do not require any special preparation for cooking.


Chicken stomach;
Chicken liver;
Tomato paste - four soup spoons;
Eggs - two pieces;
Garlic - four cloves;
Vegetable oil - a hundred grams;

Course of preparation:

First you need to wash chicken gizzards. Then you cut it into pieces and boil, the water should be salty. After that stomachs have put in a saucepan and add the chopped chicken liver. Pour a little vegetable oil.

Need tomato paste, pour a glass of water and stir, add the cumin, adjika and garlic (chopped). All is well stirred, and this mass must fill stomachs and livers. Mix everything and add salt. Cover the lid and put the stew on a lazy fire. In almost finished dish should drive a raw egg and stir. Beat raw eggs give the dish a spicy and original flavor.

Arrange on plate. This dish can be served with fresh vegetables: tomatoes and cucumbers. Decorate with parsley and dill. You can put slices of lemon.

Bon Appetit!