From the first days of life, for his health should be children's polyclinic. During the first three days of the child at home for him to immediately come caseworker, and after a while the doctor.

The doctor gives the mother advice on feeding and child care, record rates of physical and mental development.
Normally growing child should show your doctor first month (aged two months to one year), then every three months (from one to two years), and finally, two - three times a year (third year).

Children's outpatient clinic physician makes child immunizations, provides in all cases, qualified medical assistance, provides health education of parents. In case of lack of milk from mother to child is assigned to breast feeding kitchen. At the Polyclinic has blood bank collecting breast milk. If there is none, then the doctor correctly assign artificial feeding.
In the children's clinic children receive medical care from birth to fifteen years (schoolchildren - before graduating from high school).

At the Polyclinic is social - legal office, where parents can get advice and legal assistance on family law and children.

Children's Clinic provides ongoing monitoring and for healthy children, carry out preventive measures to protect children against acute infectious diseases (vaccines), directs the children in the nursery.

Medical care for children organized by precinct basis. Each pediatrician assigned to the service area with a certain number of the child population. Watching the children of their area as the clinic and at home, the local doctor has a complete picture of the development and health of each child. GP helps the caseworker, who works under his leadership.

Medical supervision for children in preschool institutions and schools is carried out by doctors of these institutions.Their main task - to disease prevention and control of the normal physical and mental development of children.Parents need to keep in touch with your doctor or other school educational institutions.

Adolescent health care by teenage rooms clinics serving adults. Doctors these offices is held annually dispensary observation of the health of adolescents. Attracting specialists of different profiles, they spend the therapeutic work, carry out activities in the field of adolescent health, send them to the nursing home.