Spider - a wonderful character in the dream, symbolizes good luck in all spheres of life, but you need to know some features of a dream about a spider that Fortune smiles on you as long as possible.

So, what can dream spider in your sleep?

Saw a spider in a dream - expect success in your work as you put a maximum of care to their duties and were very energetic.

If you dream spider weaves a web - the dream portends warmth and comfort in your home and family.

But if in a dream you killed a spider - a dream foretells a quarrel with his second half.
Just a dream is considered unfavorable if the spider bite you in the dream - is nearing a trick on the work of your enemies and you'll have to come to terms with betrayal.

If you dream you are surrounded by spiders on the Web - with a promise to you loyal friends, good health, good luck in any case and circumstances.

Huge spider which suddenly you saw in a dream in the web - predicts success in life, and the lightning and dangerous connection that you are surrounded on all sides should not be a hindrance to your departure.

Very telling a dream in which you are moving on two spiders, one large and another - small in size.

If you have a big spider bite - beware of enemies, hunting for your success. If a small spider bite - that you expect in life, only minor machinations and intrigues of jealous opponents.

The worst dream - this is when you dream your infamous escape from the enormous spider - a dream means that in real life when you're unflattering and degrading circumstances, you lose a fortune.

Just killing a spider in a dream you all the same to help Fortune again grab fortune by the tail. but if the spider comes to life again and again for you to begin his quest - expect constant change in life from takeoff to the falls and frequent illness.

Very happy to be considered a dream of golden spiders, especially if it is a dream girl. After this dream she provided a happy, glamorous life, surrounded by talented people who will become her new friends.