Unfortunately, the ardent declaration of love men often uttered only in the movies. In real life, the stronger sex less than generous in similar revelations. Why do men fear to admit their feelings?

For men, there are several reasons for restraint. First of all, is education. In most cases, even from an early age men are firmly learns that the expression of tender feelings peculiar to a characterless, weak-willed people. Expression of feelings - there is nothing but a manifestation of weakness.
But even if a man holds such an opinion, it does not mean that he is not capable of experiencing emotions - whether it be affection, love, passion, etc.

If we continue to develop a popular notion that the expression of feelings identically weakness, we can identify yet another reason why men do not seek to demonstrate and acknowledge their feelings - it is fear. In fact, many men fear that after the address of a woman uttered the infamous "I love you," any representative of the fairer sex immediately interprets it as a call to action and immediately begins to claim the men's freedom and interests. That is the fear that a woman will manipulate it - and makes a mean man in gentle words, and passionate expression of feelings.

Very often a man behaving overly restrained (of course, when it comes to feelings), but also because in life he did not have a positive example. Suppose a boy looking at his father, who denies - or the manifestation of tenderness and love for a woman, learns from his example to the same behavior. (Here again is revealed the cause of education).

Another reason for cautious male behavior may lie in the bad experience of the past. Perhaps when - then confessing his love, the man felt very happy, but soon the relationship gone wrong or, for example, a man was deceived in their expectations with respect to the beloved woman - and since expression of feelings for him came to be associated only with negative phenomena: the scandals, grudges, resentment, disappointment.

Men's solidarity - another reason why men do not want to show their feelings. "All these men are doing it" - the most popular position, which holds an absolute majority of the stronger sex.