Mental inertia - it is something within us that prevents the adoption of any changes. Man is difficult to cope with the mental inertia, it acts against his will. From the first law of Newton, we know that a moving body continues to move in the direction given to him as long as it does not overcome the inertia of the other force. It is likely that our mental energy is also subject to the law of inertia.

Starting any business, we have all the forces trying to bring it to the end, even if it loses its meaning and when a top prospect for change. Therefore, most of us are not any major changes. Life goes on, our relationship to it remains the same, do not change our tastes and habits, financial status and personal life. Person subject Forces of mental inertia, "programmed" at a certain level of financial well-being, very quickly gets rid of suddenly struck him wealth, and quickly restore their financial state at hardship, returning to the starting point.

Good or bad? Depends on what is valuable to each individual. For those who value stability, this program will help preserve it. Those who seek a better and waiting for more from life, it is necessary to overcome the force of mental inertia and reprogram itself. It is not easy, but available to everyone.